Writing Across the Curriculum Resources

Students should be writing in every curriculum, every day.  Students in every class should have frequent opportunities for literacy, which includes writing, reading, listening, and speaking, in a variety of contexts, for and with a variety of audiences.

n response to the need of students to learn content using a variety of strategies, and their need to practice writing in a variety of contexts, many teachers have adopted the strategies associated with “Writing Across the Curriculum” (WAC).

The basic principles that underlie  “Writing Across the Curriculum” include:

  • Writing promotes learning.
  • Integration of writing and the writing process promotes student participation, a diversity of student voices, and engages students as critical thinkers while promoting their texts as important resources and thinking tools.
  • Effective writing instruction incorporates all disciplines.
  • The opportunity to write in every class develops good writers.
  • Using writing as part of instruction can be used in every classroom.
  • Only by practicing the thinking and writing conventions of an academic discipline will students begin to communicate effectively within that discipline.

Writing is not simply a process of developing an essay. Writing across the curriculum is an effort to use writing to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.  At times, using writing to learn can show a disconnect in a student’s understanding of a concept.  Writing can also show a student’s mastery of a concept. Specific strategies can be used to help students understand, retain, master, and synthesize learning.

Source: Michigan Department of Education


English Language Arts Resources  http://www.bcps.org/offices/lis/writing/secondary/docs/ELA_WAC_263481_7.pdf

Social Studies Resources  http://www.bcps.org/offices/lis/writing/secondary/docs/SSWAC_225020_7.pdf

Science Resources  http://michigan.gov/documents/mde/Science_WAC_2_3_264454_7.pdf

Math Resources  http://www.bcps.org/offices/lis/writing/secondary/docs/Writing_to_Learn_Mathematics_306722_7.pdf

The National Writing Project Resources http://www.nwp.org/cs/public/print/resource_topic/writing_across_the_curriculum

North Carolina Public Schools Writing Across the Curriculum Handbook  http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/docs/curriculum/languagearts/secondary/writing/writinghandbook.pdf

Northern Nevada Writing Project WAC Resources for all curriculum http://writingfix.com/WAC.htm

Perdue OWL (online writing lab) https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/677/1/

WVDE instructional writing rubrics http://wvde.state.wv.us/teach21/InstructionalWritingRubrics.html





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